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Interviewing True Crime Writers/Broadcasters…

In my ongoing quest to speak to all of the world’s most interesting creative people, I’ve been interviewing writers and broadcasters in the true crime genre I admire for The Blotter Presents podcast. Most recently..

Phoebe Judge. Host and Co-Producer of the incredible “Criminal” podcast. 

I spoke to Ms. Judge on the May 6 episode of the program (#142) about her journalistic background as a midwesterner who cut her teeth reporting from the deep south, “Criminal” not being crime-solvers or moral arbiters, what counts as a story about crime or wrong doing and the placement of the now immortal “I’m Phoebe Judge. This is Criminal”


Robert Kolker
Robert Kolker, author of “Lost Girls” An Unsolved American Mystery” (2012)

I spoke to Mr. Kolker on the April 7 episode of the program (#138) about the Netflix adaptation of “Lost Girls”, covering a crime story with no arrest at the end, the best medium for an ongoing investigation and his new book, which Oprah just chose for her bookclub in April.

Who should I speak to next?