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My Top 5 Movies of 2019: Last Black Man Of, Apollo 11, Booksmart and Others…

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Did this last year. These are the 5 best movies I saw in 2019. Doesn’t mean they came out in 2019. Just means that’s when I got to see them for the first time. David Dylan Thomas is much better at this than me so I borrowed the layout from him.  Movie names will link to their profiles on Just Watch so you know where to see them.

In reverse order:

5. Last Black Man in San Francisco

Almost a visual poem to a city and two residents/best friends who no longer feel like they belong there. Beautiful in the way Moonlight is beautiful (2019).

4. Apollo 11

Not one extra foot of film was shot for this minute-by-minute documentary to commemorate the 50th anniverary of the 1969 moon landing. Meaning everything was reconstructed from existing NASA footage, so tangible and real you feel like it happened yesterday. And you were there (2019).

3. Half the Picture

Documentary on why so few movies are directed by women puts the lie immediately to any excuse dreamed up by studios or the resident misogynist in your life. Will also remind you how many of your favorite movies weren’t made by bearded white dudes in baseball caps (2018).

2. Booksmart

The John Hughes movie the 21st century deserves: kids of all shapes, sizes, races and gender doing hilarious teenage shit. Olivia Wilde, the actress turned director, has done an amazing first-timers job here (2019).

1. Leave No Trace

If you want to know where and why America is where it is in 2020, this tale of a wounded war veteran and his estranged daughter will show you with beauty, sadness and power (2018)

Honorable Mention: Support the Girls is the best movie ever made about one day inside a Hooters, a huge compliment. Hale County This Morning, This Evening is a moving photo essay of moments in a southern town that will take your breath away.