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Goodbye from VINYL NATION. I’m Making my next Movie

Kevin + Chris


Dear friends,

This not-great photo is of Kevin and Chris having breakfast and planning our next film. We’ve got several ideas in development right now and will be researching and crystalizing them this fall. Then everything we did to make Vinyl Nation three years ago starts all over again—raising money, assembling a crew, filming until we’ve got something to show to you.

All of which is our way of saying, it’s time for our next chapter. The amazing four-year journey of VINYL NATION went better than we could have possibly expected, given a worldwide pandemic landed right in the middle of it. But our little movie went on to play at 60 film festivals all over the world, win a bunch of awards, and get picked up for distribution. And for all of that, we’re grateful.

Most importantly, we met all of you—new friends all over the world who see the beauty in records, in the adventure and vistas of music discovery and in listening to one another. How did we know learning about and befriending all of you would really be the gift of doing this?

We didn’t. We couldn’t have. The citizenry of Vinyl Nation really is that special.
Going forward, we’ll be posting less on the Vinyl Nation social channels. We’ll post updates on our next film project as soon as we have them. As always, we remain open and available to your questions, concerns and vinyl enthusiasm.

Goodbye for now. Thank you for believing.

In 33 + 45,
Kevin + Chris