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Brat Pack America – A Love Letter to ’80s Teen Movies

“A love letter I wrote to 55 of your favorite 80s Teen Movies (your Breakfast Club’s, you Ferris Bueller’s, but also your Heathers ,and your House Party’s) by visiting many of the places they were filmed (The Oregon village of The Goonies, The Boardwalk of The Lost Boys).

That’s the “America” of this “Brat Pack.” 



From the fictional towns of Hill Valley, CA, and Shermer, IL, to the beautiful landscapes of the “Goondocks” in Astoria and the “time of your life” dirty dancing resort still alive and well in Lake Lure, NC, ’80s teen movies left their mark not just on movie screen and in the hearts of fans, but on the landscape of America itself. Like few other eras in movie history, the ’80s teen movies has endured and gotten better with time.

In Brat Pack America, Kevin Smokler gives virtual tours of your favorite movies while also picking apart why these locations are so important to these movies.Including interviews with actors, writers, and directors of the era, and chock full of interesting facts about your favorite ’80s movies, Brat Pack America is a must for any fan. Smokler went to Goonies Day in Astoria, OR, took a Lost Boys tour of Santa Cruz, CA, and deeply explored every nook and cranny of the movies we all know and love, and it shows.

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