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Sunday Morning Shards #25:

On my mind and in the reading queue this week. The "headache" edition.

*The New York Times has devoted special coverage to the death of Pope John Paul II.

*Dot Com 2.0? The money continues to flow. Del.icio.us has taken an investment. Local city blog SFist has been bought by Metroblogging which has been purchased by Yahoo.

*Posterwire is a neat idea for a weblog on the art and effectiveness of movie posters (via Torrez).

*Radio Time has released an updated Mac client. It still sucks. I'm going to try Audio Hijack.

*Are colleges an endangered species?

*Determine your ecological footprint.

*I really like this trailer. And have surrendered my masculinity entirely.

*I'm speaking next week at The New Face of Publishing Workshop at Humber College in Toronto. While I'm super-excited about the gig, I'm equally juiced about seeing my friends James, Bret and Neil so soon after our time together in Austin.


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