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Kevin Smokler
Writer, Filmmaker, Host

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Kevin Smokler is the author of 3 books, the director of one documentary film and a boatload of essays and cultural criticism. He's spoken at and hosted events about pop culture and human creativity in our changing world at universities, conferences, corporations, libraries and taverns of ill repute throughout North America. He likes people.



My new Website Design and What you can Expect to Find here..

Hello world. This is my new website design.

At long last, my home base online has a brand new look. Thank Philadephia’s own Brian Crumley for all of it.

What you’ll find here:

What I hope you’ll find here in the future: 

  • Monthly roundups of movie’s I’ve seen (ala Khoi Vinh)
  • Monthly roundups of what I’ve read (ala Ben Werdmuller)
  • Better contextualized and more useful to you versions of what i post on social media feeds elsewhere
  • More themed essays and posts like I did more of long ago.

I like the way things look a lot more now. And there’s something about redecorating that makes you want to feel the new space with projects and dreams.

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