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Try this: Watch “The Breakfast Club,” think about how much you have to do this week and then consider the last time you spent eight uninterrupted hours with a stranger and emerged the better for it? Maybe it’s by definition a rare occurrence. Or it only happens when we are young and open to it. Or it happens against our will, like when we’re stranded at an airport. Or maybe uninterrupted time in another’s presence, even for the young, the willing or the stranded feels as anachronistic in 2015 as Principal Vernon’s sharkskin suit.

In honor of its 30th birthday this spring, I wrote about The Breakfast Club and uninterrupted time for Salon





"As life goes on it becomes tiring to keep up the character you invented for yourself, and so you relapse into individuality and become more like yourself.”  

--Agatha Christie 




“Writing is a job, a craft, and you learn it by trying to write every day and by facing the page with humility and gall. And you have to love to read books, all kinds of books, good books. You are not looking for anything in particular; you are just letting stuff seep in.” 


-- Stephen Dobyns  (via The Writers Almanac)





Each January I make a playlist of 50 songs I  discovered that year. They can be from any genre and any time in music history with only prerequisite that I first heard them in that calendar year.

Usually I "discover" around 600 new songs. I'd like to share my 50 favorite from 2014 with you. 

Playlists for 21032012 if you're curious or inclined.

You can hear them on the playlist window above. And I'd love to hear about your favorites/least favorites when you're done.