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Introducing The Pick 3 Podcast...

I'm proud to announce that I'm one of the three contributors to a brand new audio series called "The Pick 3 Podcast." a joint project of myself, my wife and my best friend.

Each episode of Pick 3 will offer highlight one movie, one book and one piece of music that may be used to celebrate a special time of year. Our first episode (listen, subscribe) is about the 4th of July.

The idea for Pick 3 came about during a panel at South by Southwest Interactive this past spring. The three of us were sitting together and Cariwyl (my wife) noted that the three of us each ran startup businesses devoted to our passions for books (Me with BookTour.com), music (her with Salon97) and film (Dave with Straight to DVD Movies). Could we do anything with that?

One long walk to lunch later and we'd sketched out the basic idea for the podcast. The specifics came together over email and Google Docs, in the squibs and squabs of free time, that define the existence of anyone with creative projects in the fire.

We think the concept is a gusher of rich possibilities and are excited to see where it takes us. We also want to know what you think. Would you be so kind then as to listen to our first episode? It's only 12 minutes and moves right along.

Of course, if you don't want to miss next shows, subscribe by taking this URL and dropping into the "subcribe to podcast" window in iTunes (it's under the menu marked "advanced").

And thank you for your support.

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