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Brief Summaries of Public Radio: An Introduction

I listen to an obscene amount of public radio, mostly in podcast form, but also on 91.7 KALW, the local outfit here in San Francisco and KCRW in Los Angeles via streaming. At any given time my iPod has been 95-110 unlistened-to episodes of radio programs. I also use Radioshift to grab shows outside the Bay Area that don't podcast and have an online subscription to XM.

To say I have an addiction is being kind. I haven't even mentioned my erotic dreams staring Korva Coleman. Or how I would probably switch teams for Kai Ryssdal.

And yet bottom candy bowls of information (phrase cribbed from Merlin Mann) do not make me happy or productive. They make me want to yell "shut up!" at strangers and hide behind bookcases. Like my friend Josh said and I paraphrase "It can't be all content in or you'll explode. You've got to do something with this massive intake of information. You've got to push it out"

So here's my idea: Whenever I listen to a public radio program, I'm going to write up a short summary of it, what I learned and what I already knew, complete with links. Use this info for a regular injection of factoids, NPR-Cliff Notes or to impress at parties.Your choice.

I'll post these summaries here under the headline "Brief Summaries of Public Radio" here and on Twitter (add me to receive). Also send along suggestions for your favorite public radio program although I can't promise I'll add it to regular rotation. 110 is a big pile of audio to dig out from under.

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