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One of Our Own in Jail:

Josh Wolf, who was one of my bloggers for the San Francisco International Film Festival, is in federal prison tonight for refusing to turn over video footage he shot of a war protest in San Francisco last year. The government wants to use it as evidence in the attempted vandalism of a SF Police car. Wolf claims that, if we begin down the road of journalists having to surrender their footage to government investigators, then how do we protect the confidentiality of sources?

I haven't make up my mind about who is right or wrong here and I really don't care. As a blogger, a maker of citizen media, Josh is a brother in arms. That I know the guy and know he's out to make a point, not a stink for its own sake, means I support his case all the more.

So I ask to all readers: Please post this story on your blog. And if you can, make a donation to Josh's legal defense fund. I don't want to see more of him and us, jailed in the name of "crime prevention."