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R.I.P Warren Zevon:

I'm a little late but I just found out that Warren Zevon, who has spent the last year recording his final album while suffering from inoperable lung cancer, died peacefully in his sleep on Sunday afternoon.

I've always been a closet fan, sporatically poping in his Greatest Hits album and enjoying the boppy hunor of "Lawyers, Guns and Money" and the shimmering beauty of "When Johnny Strikes up the Band". But I've been paying closer attention the last year as Zevon knew his days were short and simply continued on. His purpose here on earth was to make music and, with remarkable courage, he embraced this in the face of his own death, without drama, without fanfare, without even asking for our sympathy. To him, it just was.

Creative people cannot stop themselves, not even when their time is up. We artists all have something to learn from the last year of Warren Zevon's life. Or as my friend Dave said, better than I could, "I'll miss him. I'll miss his example."