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I Saved Blogger:

I'm trying to be cool about this but the other day, I saved Blogger. Well not really but it sounds neat, doesn't it? My favorite pleasures are small.

Story goes like this: My friends Kristin and Dinah invited me to dinner with several of their friends, many of whom were webloggers I knew pretty well, some not as well, some I hadn't seen in ages, and a few I really wanted to meet. We hooked up at the Sticking Rose in my hood in North Beach where hilarious conversation spiced up the pathetically flat food. I sat next to Evan Williams who invented this whole thing called Blogger. Few minutes into dinner, he got a page indicating something was awry with the Blogger servers. I had already mentioned that I lived up the street when he said he had gotten a similar warning earlier in the evening. I let him use my laptop and perched on a stool while things got fixed. He worked fast.

So I'm saying I saved Blogger because it sounds cool, even thought I just let Evan do his thing. But he laughed when I started bragging indescriminately and it's his program anyway so I'm sticking with it.



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